Kye Shimizu
Co-Founder / Research Engineer

Kye Shimizu is a transdisciplinary design engineer that works with code to explore existing boundaries in fields such as fashion and computational design. By looking into historical, existing, and speculative references, he aims to explore the intersections we have with technology and what relationship we have in the future.

Yusuke Fujihira
Algorithm Architect

Yusuke Fujihira is algorithmic architect who is exploring design shapes that human beings can not imagine by traversing designs and systems. He practices algorithmic design not only in fashion but also in various design fields such as architecture and interior. In addition, he is a representative partner of the Archiroid LLC., that is developing an artificial intelligence architect.

Kotaro Sano
Co-Founder / Speculative Fashion Designer

Kotaro Sano, born in Japan in 1998, is a speculative fashion designer currently enrolled in the x-Design program at Keio University. He is currently researching on the possible future of fashion and human body shape in the age of post anthropocene.

Kazuya Kawasaki
Co-Founder / Speculative Fashion Designer

Kazuya is a trans-disciplinary designer to construct a bridge between fashion design and wearable technology in giving focal points to historical, existing and speculative fashion issues with science, technology and communication through design research and critique. He is researching in fashion design, wearable technology and bio design. His projects look at fashion design in the broad spectrum, from material development to the process of design in order to create fashion works to speculate on an alternative future of post-human bodies and explore how fashion design can be critical medium between human and natural / built environment.

Synflux Ltd.
Fashion Research Studio based in Tokyo

Research collective creating fashion software for fashion designers to design more sustainably.

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