Synflux Inc.
Derived from the root word of "Synthesis" and "Symphony", "Syn-" means to create together, while "flux" is defined as creating a continuous flow. Through these definitions of creating a new flow together with the collaboration of Fashion Designers, Engineers, Architects, Researchers, and Scientists, Synflux is a research collective seeking new paradigms in Fashion.

会社概要 / Company Outline

Research engineering and design for fashion design, Web Design, Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Product Design

会社役員 / Company Executive

Kye Shimizu

会社概要 / Company Establishment

March. 27 2019

会社コンタクト / Company Contact


会社アクセス / Company Location

Office:〒153-0064 Tokyo-to Meguro-ku Shimomeguro 2-3-7 Parknade Meguro 809 Studio: 〒231-0023 Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Naka-ku Shimashita-cho 223-1 NU Kannai Building 2F

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